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Tranny Master (2006)

Cast: Angela Fannie Annie Pannie Roxanna DJ Randy Detroit

A pretty feminine thingy just walked in and said in a girlish voice, can I suck your dick? And I said yes, show me the way. So there we were, her in her best wedding maid dress, colored hair and mouth to please. So she got down to the real deal and rode my cock with her mouth. So she thought using her hands would save her but to no avail. She didn’t pop the top. Here a dark skinned girl


Tranny Duo Mall A Cross Dresser (2008)

Cast: Randy Detroit Tina Chase

A swarm of trannies attacked a crossdresser the news read. But he didn't seem to be fighting them off, just loving it. They both took turns getting him in their mouth. His warm juicy flow kept both trannies on their toes. They each do each other, sucking a short stem of course as we all know what size the hormones dictate. And even if you don't, we can see evidence of it here. Sliding his


T Girls Back In Town (2006)

Cast: Vasheena

Guess what, The T Girls Are Back In Town and they're hornier then ever before. The T Girls are special because their really not men, but yet they're not completely women. It's something you're just going to have to see for yourself. But they are good at what they do, and that's fuck and suck on some rock hard cock and that's really what you're here to see. So without further delay we give


The Transexual Who Ate The Crossdresser 2 (2006)

Cast: Randy Detroit, Vasheena

A sweet Transexual saunters down the steps from her job, but she's out to lunch, man is she out to lunch. And she's about to launch upon an excursion of no turning back. She will eat her man's meat for lunch and then take it further. She goes back to his pad on the strip and proceeds to get undressed for the camera. She is the sub today cause she likes her man to get with the program and


T-Girls Porn 3 (2016)

Cast: Ava Keading, Sasha Skyes, Taryn Elizabeth

It’s time for another groovy Grooby Productions presentation! The girls are back in town and ready to pack more meat than you can handle! Five T-girl on T-girl scenes! In this third installment of the TGirls Porn series, the fun doesn't stop as we have ten more girls fucking, sucking and stroking through five fully engorged scenes!


Tall Slim Fashion Trannie (2008)

Cast: Tracy Sparks Randy Detroit

Is a tail about a fashion model who happens to run the catwalk. Meet Tracy some kinda new fashion queen on the scene has tits and a dick, oh my.


Sylvia Is Some Tranny Tail (2008)

Cast: Sylvia

A sexy new transexual shows up at the studio and she’s really packing this time. Her name is Sylvia and she’s raring to go. Go down at first, but she likes to take photos first. Ok, so take off your clothes honey and let’s see what develops. She has never been on camera before and likes the way it feels in her mouth. It’s a well lit studio and there’s no one there but us lovers. It’s just


She Lix He Stix (2006)

Cast: Fannie Annie Pannie Randy Detroit

An older tranny gets picked up by a young stud with a large magic wand between his legs. She feels like she’s robbing the cradle, but alas they hook up. First things first, she needs to sample his licking stick. She don’t mind a young stud, cause she knows he will please her in every way. He starts out with flattery, that will get him some mouth on his jones right fast. So here we are at


Russian Who Came To My Trannies Rescue (2006)


This tranny get's exactly what she wants when her Russian knight comes to her rescue. What does she need saving from? Sexual boredom...A mature tranny who is very cute is ready for some dick. Watch as Russian takes off her clothes and gets her down on his dick in no time. There is some major ass fuckin' and dick suckin' in this cum filled flick. This tranny is sure to please you as much


Push In A Tranny Bush (2007)

Cast: Annie Pannie

It's two for the price of one! This time it's two trannies ready and willing to bare all for the camera and you!

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