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Getting Nasty With Shemales 3 (2011)

Cast: Isabella Lobos, Nat, Bianca Andrade, La Belle Sandorran (Labelly Fondaman) (Labelly Sandorram), Renata Araujo

These shemales are naked and ready to get nasty! What man wouldn't want the best of both worlds? They have curvaceous bodies, soft tits, eager mouths...and a massive cock! Take a shemale to bed with you and stretch her tight ass while you engage in horny shemale sex until you both explode in orgasmic bliss! Unleash your sexual experimentation on them and they'll come back for more!


Dirty Special Transen 22 (2011)


This dirty special features some hot trannies who offer the best of both worlds because they have cocks and also tits.


Dirty Special Transen 8 (2011)


This is one dirty special movie that is not to be missed! For all you tranny fans out there, you're in for a big surprise!


Dirty Special Transen 12 (2011)


Check out the latest from Julia Reaves Productions, Dirty Special 12: Transen! Featuring the hottest tranny action from Germany!


Dirty Special Transen 14 (2011)

Cast: Jutta Schilling

These busty trannies love to be sucked and fucked! They've got it all... big luscious butts, firm tits, and a big throbbing hard-on!


Dirty Special Transen 21 (2011)

Cast: Jutta Schilling

See gorgeous trannies that are ultra feminine with curvaceous bodies.


Dirty Special Transen 20 (2011)


Make no mistake about it, this is one dirty special movie! For all you tranny fans out there, look out!


Festini Selvaggi (2011)

Cast: Stella

Italian amateur fucking. Amateur film shot by ordinary people and without a condom. Ordinary people but loves sex in all its forms, as few do.


Big Transsexual Ass 9 (2011)

Cast: Beatriz Soares, Elen Silva, Kahylla Mahammadd, Labelly Sandorram, Shakira Maya

These transsexuals have something that everyone wants. A nice big juicy ass to plunge your cock into! Come join in on the fun!


Transsexual Floppy Cocks (2011)

Cast: Bianca Carvalho, Bianca Freire

With high powered hormones paving the way for boys to become girls, the effect of the drugs is typically a penis that becomes slightly harder to stimulate. The phenomenon is something Third World Media refers to as a Transsexual Floppy Cock; one that kind of dangles half hard, twisting, spinning and bouncing, before hopefully getting stiff enough to let some jizz fly.

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