Make Them Fit

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Make Them Fit

Starring: Julia Steinkopf, 22
Categories: She-male
Length: 33 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 2030mb

Julia is a stunning, raven haired, olive skinned Brazilian transsexual with sultry eyes and full, cock sucking lips. She has brought two guys back to her bedroom and they soon have her naked, kissing and caressing her tasty tits before she sucks one guy while the other smokes her pink cigar and finger-bangs her ass. With her in doggie, she sucks one while the other pile drives his potent prick into her hungry ass, making her moan ecstatically. After trying to suck both cocks at once, she lays down, savoring sucking one while the other sucks her and fingers her ass, sending her into a dick-drunk revelry. While riding one stud in cowgirl, the other slips his pud in from behind, pounding her ass for a double anal penetration as she moans in whorish rapture. Spinning around, they continue their double anal jamboree in reverse cowgirl, frantically drilling their pricks into her. One pulls out so Julia can suck her ass juice from his dick while the other fires his meat missile into her with machine gun-like rapidity, making her moan with whorish jubilation. Laying her on her side, they each fuck a hole, ardently drilling her mouth and ass with verve and vigor, continually switching ends back and forth, sending her into a moaning sexual delirium until one stud spray paints her ass with his creamy goop and the other dumps his load into her open mouth. Being givers, one stud finishes her off sucking her hard cock candy until she gives him a mouthful of creamy cum.

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